Five Steps to Your Success

Contact Me

Once you have contacted me, we will schedule a brief exploratory phone conversation (with no fee or obligation). This will help me to understand the kind of change you are looking for and will allow us to determine whether we’re a good fit together.

Complete Intake Form

Next, you will be asked to complete and return a questionnaire which I will review before our first session. This will help both of us to develop a clearer understanding of your situation, your strengths and your challenges.

Schedule Sessions

Once you decide to pursue coaching with me, the next step is to determine the logistics (telephone, skype or in-person) of when and how often to schedule sessions.

Show Up Fully

Our time together will be most productive when you show up authentically, ready to explore questions honestly and investigate fresh perspectives. Be prepared to discover inner resources you didn’t know you had!

Create Positive Changes

This step is all about taking action, putting positive changes in place and acknowledging the momentum, success and new awareness that you have created for yourself.

It’s about composing your life on your own terms!!


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