Since coaching is all about making positive changes, this quiz could also be called “Are You Ready to Change?” 

I hope you find it helpful!

If you answer YES to more than 6 of these questions, you are at the tipping point and ready for change! 


1.     Is something missing in your life but you don’t know what?

2.     Have you reached a point where you are saying to yourself, “If I don’t do this now, I may never do it?” 

3.     Are stressful thoughts looping in your head and holding you captive?

4.    Are you sick of repeating the same old self-defeating habits but can’t make yourself stop? 

5.     Is avoiding change exhausting you but change feels out of reach, or you just don’t know where to start?

6.     Are you realizing that the plans you have for the future are not really yours but those of  others: your partners, your boss or your parents?

7.     Are you disappointed in yourself, your life or in your relationships?

8.     Does being strong and self-determining excite you? Do you long to become more resourceful and self-sustaining?

9.     Are you ready to plan the next chapter in your life and realize that NOW is the time?

10.  Do you believe that with clear goals, strong motivation and the right personal coach you can change?

11.  Are you ready to say “YES” to people, partners and communities who will help you grow? Are you ready to say “NO” to the people who are holding you back?

12.  Do you believe in yourself enough to finally go for it? Are you willing to prioritize your own needs and invest both time and finances in order to reach your goals?

If you answered yes to at least 6 of these, you are ready to reclaim your personal power to Compose Your Life!

Please feel free to get in touch with me and take the first step in creating positive changes in your life … 

If not now, when?

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