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“Valerie has a calm dignity and deep empathy; she helped get me out of my emotional responses, learned behaviour and the barriers I had created for myself. She supported me in changing my perspective – going beyond my limiting thoughts and into visualizing what I wanted, showing me that I needed to start by being. I got out of sessions with boundless energy, inspiration and a feeling of infinite potential. Valerie helped me move beyond simple healing and into thriving. She helped me to find responses in myself and a voice that  I didn’t even know was there.”

M. Simard, Montréal, QC

“Valerie was great at helping me sort out my muddled thinking … including helping me to figure out what I needed to figure out! I appreciated the questions, both concrete and open-ended. The Ericksonian principles mesh with my observations of life. The follow-up notes were extremely useful and allowed me to revisit our discussions. The conversations with Valerie helped to clear away the weeds covering the values, ideas and intentions which were already growing in my internal garden. Thank you, Valerie!”                                                                       E. Lorenz, Nanaimo, BC

“My experience with Valerie has been eye-opening and extremely positive. With her respectful, sensitive and insightful encouragement, I was able to create strategies to work towards realizing some of my most cherished dreams.With Valerie’s support, I have woken up to believing in my potential and accepting the work needed to realize it.”                                                                                                                             ~ M. Simons, Montréal, QC

“Valerie’s coaching toolkit is brimming with mini exercises and methods – many of which were useful not only during the session but are now part of my processing model so that I don’t have to think everything out loud – much to everyone’s relief, I’m sure. These additional strategies to think through my ideas leave me far more time and (air) space to listen. I feel calmer and more enriched by all that I am learning from those around me. Valerie is a gifted coach and after I have digested what we have cooked up together over the past year, I look forward to another series of talks to pull me forward again.”    

                          ~ A. Anderson, Sudbury, ON

“Valerie’s soothing voice and presence gently pushed me through a wall of resistance to re-engage into completing my book. I was stuck and anxious, unable to sit and do the work, always finding a way to get away. Through our session I connected with my most important reason to complete it. Since I have been able to move forward and my book is going to press in about two weeks. Thank you Valerie – your coaching is very powerful!”                                                                                                  ~ A. Castonguay, Vancouver, BC

“As a small business owner I have been coached by Valerie for over a year now and can absolutely recommend her as a highly qualified solution-focused coach. She has helped me design the life I always wanted by helping me gain valuable insight into what is truly important in my life. Working with Valerie has given me the edge to take myself from ordinary to extraordinary. With the utmost appreciation …”                  ~ A. Stowers, Düsseldorf, Germany

“Working with Valerie as my coach, I was able to put my values into perspective and to discover what I’d like to enhance my wonderful life.”                                                                  ~ C. Walker, North Hatley, QC

“Valerie is a life coach with a very unique energy about her. Her poise and confidence radiate to the heart of her clients and allow them to step bravely into their future. I have been impressed with her ability to read what’s going on ‘below the surface’ and bring out the best in her clients. I have no hesitation recommending Valerie to anyone looking for an experienced and gifted life coach to help them on their journey toward wholeness, satisfaction, and greater success.”                                                                   ~ H. Petheric, Lethbridge, AB

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